Deana Groves Picks Up 3rd win of the Season at Roaring Knob

August 10, 2013
Markleysburg, PA

Deana Groves, of Morgantown, WV, grabbed the lead from Mike Reynolds on lap two and never looked back as she scored her third victory at the Knob in E-Mod competition. This was Groves’s sixth victory of the season throughout the region.  Reynolds, of Clements, MD, held on to finish second, and Latrobe, PA’s Nick Cramer took third. Weston, WV’s Robert Smith and West Mifflin, PA’s Bruce Dreistadt finished fourth and fifth, respectively. Cramer and Groves were the heat race winners.

Krause Electric E-Mods: 1. Deana Groves, 2. Mike Reynolds, 3. Nick Cramer, 4. Robert Smith, 5. Bruce Dreistadt, 6. Denny Nakutis, 7. Larry Atha, 8. Justin Milburn, 9. Bill Yohe, 10. Jim Pyles, 11. Ron Howard, 12. Nick Wilson, 13. Brent Trimble



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