Ans in the body requires a blood supply for normal function. viagra how long does it take to start working 100 mg generic viagra The heart is a muscle. E' meglio viagra o viagra the effects of viagra on blood pressure It has pretty high oxygen requirements. buy viagra on line cheap Under normal resting circumstances, the oxygen requirements aren't as high. cheap viagra uk But when someone beings to exercise or exert themselves, the oxygen requirements increase the amount of blood flow required increases and if you impose the blockage on some of those coronary arteries, the situation will arise when those blockage has limited the blood flow to the point where heart is not getting enough to meet the demand and that's when the majority of patients develop what i want to call chest tightness or chest pain indicative of a lack or insufficient blood supply to the heart. cheap viagra online When that happens, that signals, the requirement for an intervention. the effects of viagra on blood pressure And those interventions can be, they can vary anywhere from medicines to percutaneous through the skin intervention that cardiologists do, dilating up blockages and putting stents across them. How long does viagra take to have an effect But in certain patient sub populations that have many blockages in whom their heart functions already impaired or in certain sub-populations for example, diabetics tend to do better with surgery than with interventions. the effects of viagra on blood pressure Then cardiac surgeon is required to do coronary bypass which is clearly more basic procedure. effects of viagra on men and women If we operate for chest pain, like we talked about, there is a 97% chance that the chest pain will be relieved with the surgery. buy cheap viagra In other words, coronary bypass surgery works very good for angina as we call it. buy viagra There is a percentage of patients, that present not with angina but with heart failure and what happens there, as usually happens in diabetics and the reason for that is that diabetes is a systemic disease. viagra 5 mg quanto costa It doesn't just have to do with the blood sugar. uk viagra sales online Diabetics develop a nerve disorder, a nerve disease and the nerves around the heart get affected, so that those impulses when the heart is not getting enough blood supply, those impulses that translate into chest tightness don't happen. cheap generic viagra And it's not unusual, especially in the diabetic population for patients to have numerous small heart attacks that they are not, they are not at all aware of because they never have chest pain. cheap generic viagra And those numerous small heart attacks result in numerous small areas of the heart dying and being replaced by a scar. Can i use viagra and viagra at the same time But when that happens over time, the heart muscle begins to dilate and become less efficient in pump. where to buy cials and viagra online generic viagra us pharmacy online doctor prescription for viagra 300 mg dose viagra viagra rxlist